While we navigate these uncertain times, let's remain steadfast and strong.
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covid 19: health & Wellness
Moving, staying healthy, and ways to do it online!
Grass Roots Fitness
512 Maple Ave W

Classes are live online and we're offering On-Demand classes.

7:00 am classes are being held outside for up to 9 members (weather permitting).

Cycle Chi
211 Mill St NE

Daily 9am Cycle Class; Saturday 11am Kettlebell; Patty's 10am Sunday class; Recorded Strength Classes - Bodyweight, bands or kettlebells; Recorded Cycle Classes. See their website for more details and passwords to the classes.

Crossfit Mill Street
434 Mill St NE

We are starting with 6 Outdoor classes, and still offering 3 virtual classes daily.

Classes are capped at 9 athletes per guidance from the state of Virginia.

Each athlete has a personal 4x6 thick rubber mat in which to workout on, which gets cleaned after every class

We offer hand sanitizing stations, access to be able to wash hands, as well as antibacterial wipes to clean the equipment after each use.

The classes only require a single weight, either a DB or KB, and we have access to our rowers and bikes, as well as the trail for additional cardio.

The biggest thing we’ve done is to remain creative with our approach. We haven’t done the same workout twice the entire time we’ve been out, offering daily virtual workout from home classes.

We’ve hosted virtual fitness challenges, one of which is still going for a few more weeks, that we are calling The Mill Street Virtual Open.

We will also have tents set up for rainy days and hot weather. Prepared for it all! Our members are so pumped to be back and we’re excited to have them. Let me know if you need anything else! Hope you  and the family are doing well.

covid 19: things to do
Not just coping with COVID - but thriving, because Veinna has local vendors offering these awesome activities.

Zoom history trivia night on Thursday, June 4. 7:00 - 8:00 PM - fun for the entire family!

Register here:

Zoom Registration Link

Monday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 4:00pm

Join us every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm for a Zoom chat with store owner Jen and some of your favorite booksellers. B.Y.O.W or pick up a bottle from Bards Alley with your next book purchase.

Email Kim at for the secure Zoom link.

Kiln & Co. is offering DIY pottery kits for you to paint a home! They have a variety of themes to choose from including Animals, Super Heroes, Angry Birds and more.

Each kits includes all of the supplies needed to paint your own pottery! All paints are washable!

Simply Call or Email in your orders and we will arrange pick up on our back patio. You can then drop it back off and we will fire it for you.

Order Here

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covid 19: connecting you to town info
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